Couples Counseling and Marriage Counseling

Every relationship experiences strain and conflict. How couples work through those conflicts can determine if a relationship will last. If you and your significant other have tried to work things out and have been unsuccessful, then couples and marriage counseling can help. Sometimes finding a place where it is safe to work through problems and express yourself is needed to get your relationship back on track.

Working through conflicts in relationships is tough, but a better relationship where both can be happy to be together is worth the effort. Don’t let your relationship continue to build on a foundation of anger, shame, guilt, or sadness. If you are wondering if couples or marriage counseling is right for you then take advantage of a free consultation.

Common Marriage & Couples Counseling Topics


Couples who have trouble connecting on an emotional level will often develop problems. Communication is often at the root of many issues. If worked on, it can often be repaired and heal damage that may have been previously caused. Consider a relationship as a couple as a bond where you are supposed to feel safe, understood, and supported. Without that kind of bond, conflicts will arise and stick around. In couples counseling and marriage counseling, the couple will learn to develop safe ways of expressing themselves and how to understand the meaning behind their partner’s actions. The counselor will aid couples in “peeling back” the layers of communication to understand the thoughts and feelings behind the issues. While going through this process, the couple will learn how to sustain this level of communication to help ensure they will continue to experience a deeper relationship.

Parenting Issues

Couples often have different ways they parent or wish to parent their children. There are times where this creates tension and strain in the relationship. If this strain is not addressed, the parenting issues will only further cause damage to the relationship and potentially damage the relationships with the children. In couples counseling and marriage counseling, parents will learn various techniques to parent but also how to work together as a team. The counselor will also help the couple improve their own relationship and emotional connection. If that primary relational connection is improved, many times parenting issues become much easier for couples to navigate.

Affairs/Emotional Cheating

A relationship is a bond between two people, where they share not only emotional experiences, but also physical experiences. When that bond is threatened with an affair or emotional cheating, it is devastating to a relationship. That type of hurt can lead to further breakdown of communication and safety in the relationship. In couples and marriage counseling, the affair/emotional cheating will be explored deeply to help understand the feelings and hurt that were caused by the incident. After working to understand the pain, the counselor can help the couple rebuild the emotional connection and communication. While improving communication, the emotional connection will start to create trust and safety in the relationship again. The pain with affairs and emotional cheating is great and by reestablishing the connection in the relationship, it will help heal that pain over time.

Counseling Session & Individual Sessions

Couples counseling and marriage counseling is conducted with both partners in the session. There may be times the counselor will request to do an individual session with one or both partners. This would help focus on specific issues/experiences or work on building communication skills for the couples’ session.


Sessions are $100 for a 50 minute session. Insurance does not typically cover couples or marriage counseling due to it not being  deemed medical necessity by many insurances companies. Feel free to check with your insurance company. If documentation is needed for insurance reimbursements, please let us know and we will provide you with the necessary information.