Traumatic experiences are becoming more common and disruptive in many lives. The impacts of trauma on a person’s mental and physical health are also becoming more understood. New research even demonstrates how trauma can be passed down through our genes and expressed in our children. Many times various issues such as depression, anxiety, and, even some physical issues, can be linked to developing after a traumatic event. If you have been suffering from some type of medical or mental ailment then your issue could be trauma related.

Often until the trauma is addressed, persistent issues will continue. This can also be tricky due to how diverse and evasive trauma can be to detect or even remember at times. However, until our traumatic experiences are able to be integrated into our brain they will continue to be damaging. Professionals that are trained to work with trauma are more able to address these concerns and help those suffering from trauma start the healing process. With trauma being so harmful, it is important to address traumatic experiences to help improve quality of life. 

Your life does not need to be plagued by flashbacks, being startled, or constant fear of reliving those experiences. Trauma can be a frightening thing to talk about and work through, which is why the pace is set by the person rather than trauma professional. In trauma counseling, you first learn how to calm your body and mind before working through the traumatic experiences. This ensures you will be able to start integrating those experiences without causing further harm by reliving those experiences. When the traumatic experience(s) are fully integrated, they they will not cause flashbacks or startled responses. Call today to speak to a trauma professional and get one step closer to a better life.

Assisting with:

  • Traumatic events
  • PTSD
  • Flashbacks
  • Physical and emotional responses
  • Abuse
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