How to combat typical comments and understand your needs for emotional wellbeing.

In today’s fast paced world, people rarely stop to think about themselves and their emotions. Once you do, you may realize there are persisting feelings that don’t go away. You may start to think about going to talk to someone, a therapist or counselor. 

Once you’ve decided, okay I may need some assistance here, you may tell others about it. Since people aren’t typically thinking about their own emotional well-being, it might seem strange to them. This can be greeted with phrases like, “you’re fine,” “I’ve been through worse,” or “you’ll get over it.” Well these can be true, but others do not know how you are feeling nor do they know the extent of your emotions.

While it’s easy to brush off a rude comment from a coworker, it might not be as easy the thousandth time. There’s nothing wrong with that.

When you feel like you’re at a dead end or feel like you’ve been sitting in the same emotions for months or years, it’s probably time to talk it out. Many of us go through life getting bumped here and there. We learn how to react in the moment, but have we developed copings skills or learned how to communication about it?

This is where talking to someone (not a biased friend or family member) can really help. It’s beneficial to gain perceptive, develop your own coping skills, and work through your emotions. While it might not be the most exciting hour of your life, it can help tremendously with your everyday life. Isn’t an hour a week worth that?

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