Craig Foust


My name is Craig Foust, and I help people through issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, substance use, and trauma related issues. My goal is to help people develop the tools they need to address the emotional and mental health challenges they face. Aside from my counseling education and license, I have additional certifications for Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and training in the areas of trauma, couples counseling, brain spotting, and motivational interviewing techniques.

My educational background started with a double major, Bachelor of Science, in both Psychology and Criminal Justice from Southeast Missouri State University. I continued my education by earning my Masters of Professional Counseling at Lindenwood University. During my time at Lindenwood, I attended classes while continuing my full time work. My job entailed working with adolescents with substance use issues and their families. This gave me a rare opportunity to practice skills I learned in class, while working with one of the most challenging groups of clients.

Previously, I had also worked with a large variety of mental health issues ranging from mood disorders, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, trauma related disorders, and attention/memory related disorders. My experience with a variety of mental health concerns has given me the experience to help a large population of clientele that has ranged from eight years to adult in an individual, group, family, and classroom setting. I have had the opportunity to help several hundred individuals through thousands of sessions over the length of my career. This has fueled my passion for counseling and helping people tackle some of the most difficult challenges.

Lastly, I am a dedicated learner and continually seeking ongoing education and peer supervision. This helps me stay updated on the latest research and techniques being developed in the profession. Feel free to call or email me with any questions you may have about my qualifications, work experience, or to schedule an appointment.