Life Care Counseling, LLC is about aiding individuals in navigating the multitude of life’s challenges and equipping them with lasting tools to address future challenges.

Serving the St. Louis area in our Brentwood location. Assisting individuals or families with a variety of counseling services.

At Life Care Counseling, each of our clients receives completely customized sessions to address specific needs and goals. Every plan developed has specific goals in mind to effectively start a path to work on any issues or situation you or your family is experiencing. We would like you to remember, you set the course and your future path. This is simply the first step.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

Fear is a powerful force that can drain the life out of you, but you do not have to face it alone.

Whoever said time heals all wounds, must not have experienced trauma. Begin the journey of healing.

How does counseling work?

Counseling uses the counselor and client interpersonal relationship to develop tools needed to accomplish the client’s goals. We call this kind of relationship the therapeutic relationship, also referred to as therapeutic alliance. The therapeutic relationship is the largest determining factor in helping the client achieve their goals and overall mental wellness.

Human beings are social creatures. As such, it makes sense that the therapeutic relationship can be used to produce lasting relief when a person is confronted with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, trauma, addiction, anger, or other emotional control issues. These are but a few of the challenges counselors have been able to successfully help clients through. In essence, counselors use a person’s social aspect to address these issues.

In counseling, a trained professional can help an individual utilize the therapeutic relationship to make changes in life and work through the process to achieve the client’s goals. People learn and develop naturally through social interactions. In counseling, these social interactions are focused on developing the skills needed to by client to help with their own life and social interactions.

What to expect

In counseling, every time you meet with your counselor it is typically called a session. A session takes place in a safe area and is traditionally in an office. Occasionally, sessions can take place in the community to assist with particular situations, which would be discussed if needed. While in session, the client and the counselor will work towards the client’s goals and identify any obstacles. The atmosphere of the session is nonjudgemental and of acceptance, since blame, guilt, or shame rarely help to facilitate positive change. The sessions will be tailored to the client’s needs; therefore, not all sessions will be the same. Since what works with one client may not work well with another. Overall, the counseling process is continually growing and being refined to support the client’s needs. Similar to how a doctor narrows down a treatment based on several test results from a patient.

All sessions do not have to be sitting and talking exclusively. Some clients prefer a more active session such as walking or moving during sessions. These types of sessions are by client choice and sometimes offer more flexibility. Counseling sessions are meant to be safe, supportive, goal focused, and customized to the client’s needs. If you have any specific questions about sessions, please contact us.