Life Care Counseling, LLC was founded to help individuals and couples navigate various challenges that have caused disruption in their lives.  Life Care Counseling, LLC serves those in the St. Louis area from our Brentwood location with both individual and couples counseling services.

At Life Care Counseling, you can work through anxiety, depression, mood management, substance abuse, and trauma related issues in individual sessions. Also, available is couples counseling, which is geared toward improving communication and vulnerability to overcome relational challenges ranging from infidelity to reducing conflict. We also provide family therapy for situations that involve multiple people in the household.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

Fear is a powerful force that can drain the life out of you, but you do not have to face it alone.

Whoever said time heals all wounds, must not have experienced trauma. Begin the journey of healing.

How does counseling work?

Counseling works by using the counseling relationship to encourage new ways of thinking and feeling everyday experiences. Developing these new experiences helps shape our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a deep and meaningful way. Research in epigenetics has even shown how counseling can change how genes express themselves, meaning a person can change how they fundamentally react to stress or overwhelming emotions. This is wonderful news if your stress and emotions seem to add extra layers of discomfort in your life.

Counseling can provide this type of impact by providing a safe environment to help develop new ways of thinking and feeling. This changes how our brain and body responds to daily struggles. It can also help you find new ways of tackling some of the tough challenges in your life.

Our counselors are trained to help you take these risks in thinking and feeling differently at a pace that is comfortable for you. The counselor will also help you develop skills and tools to help you maintain progress made in sessions.

What to expect

When you contact us, we will respond as quickly as possible to answer any questions. When you feel like all the questions you have are answered, you will be invited to set up an appointment.

Sessions are held in person and you do not need to bring anything to the session but yourself. You can expect the counselor to be non-judgmental and confidential when discussing private matters.

Counseling sessions are held in the Brentwood office at 2211 S Brentwood Blvd., Brentwood, MO 63144.  There is a waiting room in the rear of the building if you arrive early. Sessions are 50 minutes long and $80 a session, which is collected via cash, credit, or check at the end of the session. Sessions are normally held once a week for the best results, but can change based on individual circumstances.

Contact us with any questions.