5 Signs you may need marriage counseling

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1. Ongoing fighting and arguing about the same or similar issues

Arguing and fighting (not physically) occur naturally in a relationship and are even healthy to some degree. However, when these conflicts arise out of the same issues repeatedly, they start to build a pattern of tension and self-protection in a relationship. This will curb communication and can easily lead to emotional detachment from your spouse. Read More

Overcoming Fear

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Fear is an emotion all of us have felt and will continue to feel, at times, throughout ours lives. This emotion helps us determine if something is a threat and how to proceed. Fear is our very own warning light that pops up internally to let us know that something does not seem right and we need to be cautious. However, sometimes the warning light pops up all too often and, at times, when there really may be nothing to fear at all.

Predicting the future

Our brain and body are a team and one of the neat things they do together is help us predict the future. Our body “remembers” pain and discomfort that has been experienced and the brain will look for signs in our environment that pain or discomfort could come again. If it does, then those same body reactions will trigger again. Read More