Facing challenges or imperfections in your life alone can be disastrous. Thankfully, God places people in our lives at opportune times to help build us up so we can get to the other side. Christians helping Christians through tough challenges is part of what makes the body of Christ wonderful. If you find yourself needing counseling there are brothers and sisters in Christ that want to help you. Christian counseling will allow you to explore how Christian values can improve mental health and strengthen your relationship with Jesus and God, along with your family and friends.

Christian Counseling is simply integrating Christian values into the counseling sessions and counseling relationship in a more formal way. The counselor is not a trained pastor or priest.

Christian counseling can help with a variety of issues. For information, please refer to our services page.

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A few things Christian Counseling Is Not:

  • A prayer group
  • A bible study
  • A substitute for spiritual exploration with a pastor or priest

Christian Counseling Services

Individual Counseling